"Syömisen tehtävänä on tuottaa jaksamista ja hyvää oloa." 

Edeventin ravitsemusjohtaja Patrik Borg

Nutrition expertise made accessible 

Edevent is a Finnish company specializing in making research-based nutrition and healthy lifestyle expertise accessible to everybody through disruptive and digital technologies. Our team consists of acclaimed experts in medicine, nutrition, psychology and augmented / virtual reality and other exponential technologies.

Ciloinen.com is our conversational algorithm for automated nutrition counseling. The browser or Messenger based Ciloinen.com offers a superior digital customer experience with innovative automated counseling for healthy eating, and is a scalable technology for better nutrition and directing customers.   

Obesity is the main driver for type 2 diabetes, and fighting the obesity epidemic requires both clinical excellence and scalable tools. Edevent's Virtual Weight Loss Clinic offers effective and evidence-based obesity interventions through superiorly structured digital care pathways. The Virtual Weight Loss Clinic model includes both the medical and psychological components for motivating patient to long-lasting weight loss. 

We help you and your clients make better lifestyle choices. Our network of nutritionists, doctors, psychologists and other healthcare professionals develop concepts for the benefit of your company, its employees and clients.

Our services include:

  • Virtual Weight Loss Clinics
  • Algorithm for conversational nutrition counselling
  • Personalized nutrition counselling 
  • Structured weight loss programmes 
  • Education for healthcare professionals, organizations, retail

Please call or email us for a discussion how we can help your organization! 

Dr André Heikius, Chairman, Medical Director / +358 40 48 77 717 / andre.heikius(at)edevent.fi

Mrs Fia Saaristo, CEO / +358 40 64 81 161 / fia.saaristo(at)edevent.fi 

Edevent Oy 

Street address: Tykistökatu 4, Electrocity / Werstas, Turku 

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